These are individual persons with Cystic Fibrosis who have an organized effort to raise money to cover the expenses of their lung transplants.  The NCFAC is in no way connected with these fundraisers.  All transactions are between you and the individuals (with the exception of the lapel pins).  Anyone interested in posting their transplant
fundraiser may e-mail us, and we will be happy to add a link.

Barbie McGhee
        Barbie McGhee is a CF patient who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Visit Barbie's site and order one of her beautiful lapel pins which we are used as our 1999 CF Awareness Campaign Logo.  You may also order one on Order Form. Barbie got her double lung transplant during the summer of 2000. She is still recuperating and still needs to raise funds to cover her medical expenses.

Brian Ryall
        Brian is a CF patient in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  When Brian was no longer able to be in the workplace, he took up the art of stained glass.  Brian has some beautiful designs and is selling his work to raise money for expenses for a double lung transplant. Brian had his tranplant last year and is doing well. He is still selling stained glass to help with the ongoing expenses of his care.   Visit his site, Afterglow Images

Donald Stanger
        Don lives in La Vista, Nebraska.  Don has developed a passion Ty  for beanie babies.  He is finding homes for beanies for a donation to his transplant fund.  Visit the Beanieland Orphanage and adopt a beanie while helping Don.


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