Ideas and Information



These are the items, included in the packages we sent to CF centers and individuals wanting to help with CF Awareness Week. They are in a .pdf format. Simply click on the link and the items will be downloaded to your computer.

 We came up with these ideas in a very short period of time and are eager to expand our packet for next year. So, please leave a message on our board telling us what you did to promote awareness. Next year we will have many more ideas based on your imput!

 You can download these files regardless if you are using a MAC or a PC. However, you will need a reader to open them.If you are unable to open the .pdf file after you have downloaded it, that means your reader is older than the one used to make these files. You can then download Adobe Acrobat reader 3.0 for *free* at this site.

 Go to this page and look down the table for Acrobat Reader.
Then look for your OS (Macintosh,windows, DOS, or OS2).
The rest is self explainatory.


Brochure - A two page brochure. It can be copied double sided and folded. It has facts about CF as well as facts about the NCFAC.

 Kiss Rose Instructions -This includes instructions on how to make the Hershey Kiss Roses along with photos. They are easy to make, fairly inxpensive and who can resist a kiss? It also has a suggestion for a card to be attached to the rose explaining what CF is. What a tasty way to promote awareness!

 Cystic Fibrosis Fact sheet - This is a sheet that can be passed out to the public. It's a simple fact sheet on what CF is and how it affects us.

 Web Page info - This is a page that can be copied and posted at your clinic. It includes the NCFAC web page address and infomration on the NCFAC web page. It talks about future additions to the page and how you can help to add items.

 Survey - Please fill out our survey. We truly want to know who you are and your suggestions.


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