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Order Form



Quantity Item Cost Total
  Patch $2.00 $
  Window Cling $1.00 $
  Lapel Pin (Bright Blue) $6.00 $
  Lapel Pin (Adina's Purple) $6.00 $
  Child's T Shirt - Small  $10.00 $
  Child's T Shirt - Medium $10.00 $
  Adult T Shirt - Small $10.00 $
  Adult T Shirt - Medium $10.00 $
  Adult T Shirt - Large $10.00 $
  Adult T Shirt - XL $12.00 $
  Adult T Shirt - XXL $12.00 $
  Adult T Shirt XXXL $13.00 $
If you can include a dollar for each order form, it will help us cover postage and mailing costs.  Please include an additional dollar for every 4 shirts.  THANKS! $
Total Amount Enclosed $
Ship to:  
City:                                                       State:                                              Zip: 
Please include phone or e-mail in case we have any questions about shipping address.
Phone:                                                                                E-Mail: 

Make Checks payable to NCFAC and mail to:

c/o L. Degen 
1612 N. Foote Ave 
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 

(719) 634-6285 



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